3201L - 7001L Computer Module Insertion/Removal

Computer Module Installation


1. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the access cover plate on the back of the
2. Slide the Computer Module all the way into the bay until it snaps into place.
3. Tighten the thumbscrews to secure the computer module inside the bay.

NOTE: If any cables are connected to the computer module, a cable security cover is
included with the computer module kit. Install it by attaching the mounting clip and bracket as shown in the user guide for the computer module and then fastening the thumbscrews on the cover.


Touchmonitor & Computer Module Connections



1. Once the Computer Module has been installed, connect the AC power cable between

the touchmonitor’s POWER IN connector and the AC power source.

NOTE: Computer Module can be installed when AC power cable is connected (Hot
pluggable). Do not remove the computer module unless it is completely shut off.

2. Make any desired connections to the Computer Module connector panel.

3. Press the touchmonitor’s power button 2 seconds to turn on the Computer Module.