3202L - 7002L Computer Module Insertion/Removal

Note: ECM not included in standalong power module kit.
Caution: Remove power cord from IDS before installing this product.


1. Remove the ECM docking cover from the rear of the IDS.

Capture 1
2. Plug the power module into the ECM dock on the rear of the IDS. ECM may be pre-installed or installed later.

Capture 2
3. Tighten the 4 captive screws in the corners of the ECM power module. Mount the IDS to any VESA compliant wallmount using the extension spacers and screws (included).

Capture 3 - 1Capture 3 -2

4. To replace the ECM, loosen the thumbscrews and slide out. Reinstall is reverse of removal.

Capture 4