3203L - 5503L Computer Module Insertion/Removal

Caution: Remove power cord from IDS before installing this product.


1. Remove the screw from the ECM docking tray cover.

2. Place the ECM guide rails over the corresponding guides on the rear of the IDS Display and then slide it back toward the docking connectors. Visually inspect it to make sure it seated completely.

3. Use a screw driver to tighten the ECM security screw. The security screw must be installed to ensure the ECM does not come out inadvertantly.


4. To remove the ECM, power down the system and loosen the security screw. Gently pull the ECM out by the handle while supporting it on the bottom side to ensure it doesn’t fall during removal.


Some third-party VESA mounting systems may interfere with installation or removal of the ECM. The ECM kit includes a set of 15mm spacers and longer mounting screws to add additional clearance between the VESA mount and the ECM. Do not block any air venting on the ECM or IDS display.

Elo low-profile wallmounts (See elotouch.com for P/N) does not require these spacers or screws when using an Elo ECM.