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August 2021 - Platform Updates

Experience Engine - Guest Analytics Dashboard

  • The Experience Engine's Content Management System (Connect CMS) now features a new Analytics section dedicated to Guest Requests.


Download the User Guide here: Guest Requests Analytics - User Guide


Apple TV for Hospitality

  • Launched new Auto Erase and Reset Schedule feature in the Experience Engine's CMS system.   This new feature allows property managers to program ahead of time which rooms will need to be Reset for any given upcoming checkout date.  To make it even easier, it also includes the ability to upload a file with a list of departures, and the schedule will automatically be set.

    Autoreset on Laptop

    Download the User Guide here:  Hospitality TV Auto Erase and Reset - User Guide


Connect Web

  • Enhanced Connect Web to further configure the look of the page by applying a Property's own brand colors


SMS Messaging Platform

  • Technical upgrade of the SMS Messaging back end architecture.  This effort provides an even more robust SMS messaging platform and sound integration with the Guest Request system.