The Housekeeping team will receive a notification on their mobile device when a room is ready for cleaning.

Housekeeping can report maintenance issues directly to the Maintenance team, using the same app.

Whilst cleaning the room, Housekeeping encountered an issue; they noticed a lightbulb in the bathroom is broken. Housekeeping need to alert Maintenance to fix this.

  1. Submit a request: From the menu, tap Make A Request. Select the appropriate request from the list
  2. Track the status: Maintenance accept and communicate, keeping you informed of the request status


Housekeeping Notes

  1. When a new request comes through to you, your mobile device will beep.
  2. Anyone in the Housekeeping team can accept the request. Clicking Accept will let the requester know you are actioning the request.
  3. If you spot any issues which need to be raised, create a request
    for Maintenance to handle.
  4. When the room is clean, close the request. Reception will be
    notified about the clean room.