How Do I Create An Event?

In this guide, we will address how to use and utilize the meetings and events features in CMS. This feature offers dynamic and helpful tools that allow you to keep those who need to be informed up to date on what events and meetings will be occurring on that day, in the future, or the those that have passed. Let’s get started by breaking down the different sections of the meetings and events features.

Locating the Meetings and Events Feature

Once you have logged into CMS, select the Property section in the list on the left. Under this section, you will select the Meetings & Events option to display the meetings and events section in the right window. 

Meetings and Events Locations

The first step in setting up events and meetings is creating a location for that meeting and events. Once you have set up the locations, you most likely won’t need to change these very often. The locations are based on meeting rooms and areas that events or meetings are held. Click the “Add Event Location” button, then enter in a location name and select "Save". There are two options to the right of the location name, an edit button that looks like a writing tool, and a trash can that allows you to delete the entry if needed.

Locations 1

Meetings and Events Groups

The second step is setting up a group associated with the meeting and events. This section helps dictate what group will receive or be able to view an event or meeting. Much like the meetings and event locations above, you will use the “Add Event Group” button to create a new group. Keep in mind, groups do differ from locations to a degree.

Click the “Add Event Group” button, then fill out the Group Name field and a field that allows you to make the group access either public or private, select "Save" once complete.


Adding a Meeting or Event

The next step is to add an event using the groups and locations that were created. Once you click the “Add Event” button, a new section will pop up. In this section, you will need to type in the name of the event, choose the group it is associated with, select the date and time of the event and set the duration of that event. There are options to choose all day event or repeat event depending on the length of the event or consistency of the event. Lastly, choose the location of the event and click "Save" to finalize it. 

Meetings and Events Schedule

This section is dedicated to showing you a breakdown of the meetings and events that are set for the day/week/month, depending on which view you choose to use. There is also an option for you to view a list view of the monthly breakdown of meetings and events. I’ve included an example for better clarification below.