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Property Features Page

Once you have the feature page located under the property section in CMS, you can begin adding feature category’s and individual features. There will be a picture along with the name of the property in question at the bottom with an option to edit on the right side of the page. Clicking Edit will bring you over to the info page under the property section.

Just below the photo and title, there is a list of features that are hosted at this location. There are also two options titled Add Feature Category and Add Feature that are visible to the right side of the page just under the edit button mentioned above. We will go more in depth on these two options a little later.

The list of features hosts two different selections. First, you will have Features these are the light blue words without the plus sign next to them. Features only consist of a single listing from the hotel. The Feature Categories will have a plus sign to the left of the word and will be a bold font. Clicking the plus sign will reveal Features that are hosted under the Feature Category. Feature Categories help with organization and provide a more condensed form of this page.