Refine, filter and sort requests

By tapping the funnel icon a refinement and filtering window will pop out. This menu allows for extensive options to get the display of request information that works best for you and your organization. Changing the refinement options affects the display and order of the request list.

Refinement options include:

  • Grouping
    • Request status
    • Template name
    • Group
    • Requested by
    • Location
  • Filtering
    • Location – If you have multiple properties
    • Template – Your request template list
    • Status – Request status (e.g. Needs Approval, In-Progress, Accepted, Closed)
    • Group – The departments as defined from within Connect CMS
    • Time
      • All
      • Overdue
      • Upcoming
    • Viewed
      • Any – Any read or unread requests
      • Read – Requests that have been viewed
      • Unread – Requests that have not been viewed
  • Sorting By
    • Due By
    • Template Name
    • Request Status
    • Group
    • Requested By
  • Ordering
    • Ascending
    • Descending

To reset your options touch the Reset button located at the bottom of the refine list. This will reset all options back to their original default settings.