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Responding to a request

Request List

Requests can be easily navigated and may include additional or optional workflow features. Requests are displayed as a list style view with initial details showing the:

  • Request title
  • Department or group that is assigned to this request type
  • Time until the request is due. Inversely an overdue time is also shown if the request passes the due date.

Request Detail

Request detail includes:

  • Fast touch updating menus with the ability to touch into and update:
    • Current request status
    • ETA
    • Follow status
  • Toggle for regular view and private notes
  • Request details – includes other options or additional information provided by the guest
  • Guest location – includes contact information (such as email or phone), delivery location (e.g. a physical location) and guest name
  • Ability to respond with pre-canned stock messages (definable from within Connect CMS)

The guest or staff member may also communicate using the built-in messaging functionality.