Exit Monscierge Software

You will need to reach out to support@monscierge.com to acquire your unique PIN


In order to exit our software so that you can make any changes and connect to your network please follow this short guide. 

In order to exit to a windows desktop a few steps need to happen. 

Please read all steps beforehand as part 2+ is time sensitive.


Process Overview: 

1.  If you tap around in the circled area on the screen the monscierge software will exit and you  will be onto the next screen. 


2. If you tap once in the red area ( bottom left) a little Monscierge logo will appear. if you  click that logo once a number pan will appear.





3. Enter the 8 digit PIN that our support staff have given to you into the number pad and click GO.  Then click on the button that appears next to the pad called "Admin" then click "Exit" 

You should then be sat at the windows desktop, where any network changes can be made.