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How to pair the Apple TV Hospitality Remote


The Monscierge Apple TV Hospitality Remote can replace the standard Apple TV remote as well as your television's remote.

The Monscierge Apple TV Hospitality Remote comes already programmed to control your Apple TV.  This guide will cover pairing the Apple TV Hospitality remote with your television's remote to control Volume, Mute and Power functions.


Step 1

Point the two remotes towards each other approximately 1 inch apart.   On the Monscierge Apple TV Hospitality Remote, press and hold the button you want to program.

Step 2

When the red light in the upper left corner stops blinking, press the corresponding button on your television's remote.


Step 3

The red light on on the Hospitality Remote will flash three times to signify the button has been programmed successfully.


Repeat the process with the other buttons you wish to program.



Most Smart TV remotes will take programming if they are using infrared signals for Power (on/off), Mute and Volume Up/Down buttons. However, should the Smart TV remote use a Bluetooth connection for any of those buttons or commands, the remote pairing will not work.

In this case, we recommend using a universal remote.

Program your Smart TV remote to the universal remote using the codes provided in the universal remote manual, then use that universal remote to program your Monscierge Hospitality TV Remote.