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June 2021 - Platform Updates

Connect Staff

  • Fixed errors when displaying staff responses to guest requests created by an incoming SMS messages


Apple TV For Hospitality

  • Daily Automatic Erase and Reset functionality for all property devices.   
    This feature allows a Property to configure all their devices to be automatically reset every night in every room (including vacant and occupied rooms)
  • New Display Options feature for Property Information and Amenities app
    The Property Information app has been upgraded to now offer multiple ways to display photos and information. You can now showcase each property feature with a display option that will be most appropriate for each specific feature and achieve the greatest impact with your guests!

For more information on this feature, please visit this article: Display Options for Property Information App


Mobile Guest App

  • Updates and fixes to the Weather functionality


Connect Conference - Event Tablets

  • For Customers using the Delphi integration, the Events platform now supports synching of updated or cancelled events