Front desk can inform Housekeeping when a guest has checked out, and receive a notification when the room has been cleaned.

Any maintenance issues reported by guests to reception can be submitted directly to the Maintenance team.

Reception has just checked out Mr. Smith from room 100. Reception creates a new request, to inform Housekeeping that the room is ready for cleaning.

Create a new request

  1. Load the website link: 
  2. Navigate to Requests - My Requests
    Click the Create button in the right corner
    *Credentials are required the first time you log on. It is advisable to keep this webpage running in the background at all times*
  3. Select the option: From the drop-down select “Clean Room”
  4. Fill out the form: Complete all the relevant fields
    Name: The requester’s name, in this case it is the receptionist’s name
    Room: Ensure the room number is filled in
  5. Open the request: Tap on the new request to see the requirement and room number plus any special instructions.
  6. Handle the request: In the options, click Accept. If necessary, reply to the requester with information, then close

Reception has been instantly kept in the loop the whole time; enabling a more swift and efficient service:


Reception notes

  1. You can log on with your tablet or computer at reception
  2. On the computer, you will have bubble notifications pop up when the request status changes
  3. The website automatically keeps up to date, so there’s no need to press refresh
  4. You can create requests for both Maintenance and Housekeeping